Course Description:

This is an 8 week intensive design and concepting course, with a focus on quick ideation, modeling, and realization of ideas using a fluid combination of sketching, painting, modeling, and rendering. Students will be provided with a digitizing tablet and use these advanced techniques to design and develop several pieces that they can use in their portfolio afterwards. To join the class, students will need to submit an entry to be judged by the course instructors in a contest. The winners will be selected to attend the course.

Arthur Wang will be providing lessons on 2D asset creation, including sketching and digital painting in Photoshop, ideation and inspiration. He will also be providing instruction on subsequent post-processing of 3D renders to achieve realism.

Jordan Pelovitz will be providing lessons on 3D asset creation in Modo, from simple geometry to advanced surfacing. He will then guide students as they learn UV texture mapping, texture creation, model sculpting, and animation.

This course consists of 4 classes per week, for a total duration of 8 weeks. Each class is 2 hours long. Additionally, participants will require:

  1. Adobe Photoshop

    Students can purchase a monthly pay-as-you-go plan for only $30 a month. They can also purchase a $10 a month annual plan, but if they cancel the plan before the year is up they will have to pay 50% of the remaining total amount”

  2. Modo 

    modo indie is an almost fully-featured version of modo, a professional grade computer graphics package. The only difference is that exports are limited to 100,000 triangles. modo indie can be purchased month to month @ $15 a month, or in a 6 month stretch @ $10 a month

  3. A digitizing tablet (this will be provided for students)

  4. Selection through a student contest

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